Thank you to all of the MembersAffiliate Members and Delegates for your meaningful participation in this year’s Annual General Meeting. The Ramada was bursting with enthusiasm and spirited discussion – certainly a gathering to remember.

On Thursday night, our PHA Body Dinner was attended by 30 PHAs from across Ontario; our Networking Meeting on Friday hosted 69 participants and our Saturday meeting — where we formally elected four new and two returning members to our Board of Directors and approved the addition of three new agencies to our family — hosted 52 participants. These are big numbers! 🙂

Above, you’ll see visual recordings of Friday’s proceedings, carefully recorded by the team at Use the Red Right and Left arrows on the image to scroll through and clip on the image to enlarge it. They are a elegant summary of the ideas and directions brainstormed by our Membership and serve as an attractive record of the day’s activities.

A big thank you to Glenn Betteridge, Staff Lawyer at HALCO (one of our newest OAN Members!) for acting as our Parliamentarian during Saturday’s official proceedings.

Visit our Board of Directors page to see our newest members and updates!