Exit Interviews

The purpose of the exit interview is to obtain valuable and actionable information which can assist in improving overall organizational effectiveness and future employee retention. The interviewer may be the direct supervisor/ manager of the departing employee or, it may be someone else within the organization. It is important to ask the departing employee, in advance, who they would prefer conduct the exit interview. It is important that the departing employee feel comfortable with the interviewer in order to answer the questions with openness and to provide constructive feedback.

To start, the interviewer should provide an overview of what to expect, the length of time the interview will take, the types of questions, how the information will be documented and how the information will be communicated back to management. Assure the employee that no negative consequences will result from honest and transparent discussion during the exit interview. Explain that you will use the information provided during the exit interview, in aggregate format, to help the organization improve and retain employees. The information gathered can provide the organization with constructive feedback on the job, teams, environment, management, communication etc. The departing employee will have the opportunity to share additional feedback that may not be covered in the following questions. Freely explore each response further for clarification and complete understanding. Use additional paper/pages as needed to gather the information provided by the departing employee.

At the end of the interview, it is important the departing employee have the opportunity to review the information gathered to ensure that it accurately reflects their feedback. The information gathered should not reflect the opinions of the interviewer.

Exit Interview Form – A standard set of questions to be used by a Manager or Human Resources to facilitate an exit interview discussion with an employee. Exit interviews allow us to better understand the things that are going well and to make improvements in certain areas going forward.