The Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) is working to ensure GBTQ2+ men who Party n Play* are informing their efforts to:

  • Increase system capacity to respond to needs of men who PnP across Ontario.
  • Develop and communicate health promotion messages that are tailored and relevant for men who PnP.
  • Elevate and amplify the voices of GBTQ2+ men who PnP.

If you are a service provider you can help GMSH reach GBTQ2+ guys who party. Download a selection of promotional images for Facebook, Instagram and more!


Share the survey link directly:

If you or someone you know parties … you may be eligible to take the survey today. Completed surveys are entered to win a $100 visa gift card. Don’t delay! The survey closes on Friday, August 14, 2020 at 5:00 pm.

If you have questions about this survey or the GMSH’s work on PnP, please contact Jordan Bond-Gorr, GMSH Project Assistant at

* PnP is the use of certain drugs by some GBTQ2+ men before or during sex specifically to facilitate, sustain or enhance sexual encounters.