Health Canada is currently reviewing a licensing application for an HIV self-testing kit. If approved, HIV self-testing will likely be available in the coming months. This test will be the first, and only, licensed HIV self-test available in Canada. While the exact timing of Health Canada’s decision is not known, it is anticipated a decision will be made in the coming weeks.

HIV self-tests are currently used in several countries. Research shows that some people prefer self-testing because it is convenient and confidential. The enhanced privacy of self-testing makes it an effective way to reach first-time testers and those who may not otherwise get tested for HIV.
In an effort to support community readiness for a soon-to-be approved HIV self-test, the staff of the AIDS and Hepatitis C Programs have drafted a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for health care and community service providers. The FAQs provide the most current information on the HIV self-test, which is important to share in the event that community members/clients start asking you about it.
Download the FAQ in English or  French.