Award Principles

The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) Honour Roll is a celebration of outstanding leadership and achievement within the HIV/AIDS movement in Ontario. It acknowledges the long-term and consistent contributions of individuals and organizations that use their experiences, skills, resources and voices to champion the cause of HIV/AIDS. The recipients of an Honour Roll Award will have contributed to reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS, promoted the empowerment of people living with HIV/AIDS, and extended the capacity of the community movement as a major response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ontario.

The Honour Roll Award aims to reflect the province wide membership of the OAN and values regional leadership and participation. It is rooted in the OAN Values which state:

Our work with individuals, organizations, communities and government is inspired by the following values:

Involvement and Empowerment

We are committed to the principles of the Greater Involvement of People with HIV and AIDS (GIPA) and MIPA (the Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV and AIDS) As a network of person-centered, community-based organizations, we recognize the individual right to self-determination. We provide meaningful opportunities for all people with HIV and AIDS to become involved and accountable, to lead and share power.

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

We challenge racism, prejudice and all other forms of discrimination.


We recognize public support is essential to fulfill our mission. We continually work to raise awareness of the needs, rights and abilities of people with HIV and AIDS and people affected, as well as the importance of HIV prevention.

Harm Reduction

We are dedicated to reducing the risks that threaten people’s health and contribute to the HIV epidemic. We advocate a harm reduction approach to HIV prevention. We recognize the day-to-day struggles of people with HIV, and actively promote the outreach and support services that respect their rights and help them achieve their goals.

Evidence-Informed Practice

We seek wisdom from the community to inform and guide our work. We use knowledge from scientific research and from community practice to inform and guide our work. We accept the overwhelming scientific evidence that HIV is the cause of AIDS.


We are continually seeking new and better ways to fulfill our mission.

Honour Roll Inductees

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