MOYO is conducting the Queer Women’s Needs Assessment to address the divide between service providers, queer women, and the Peel Region. This community needs assessment is for individuals who self-identify being queer and a woman. MOYO is reaching out to queer women who live in Peel Region, used to live in Peel Region (5 years max.), or have an attachment to Peel Region (ex., you spend the majority of your time in Peel (working, shopping, etc.) but live outside Peel).

MOYO will use the results to create more programs, workshops, and apply for funding to deliver more services directed towards Queer Women in the Region.  The information provided during the Needs Assessment will be anonymous and will only be used to better MOYO’s services. Participants will also receive a digital $20 Walmart gift card for their successful participation. Please contact for details.