What is The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI)?

The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) is a program of the Ontario AIDS Network (OAN). In 2006, The Ontario AIDS Network (OAN) launched PLDI. The aim was to support people living with HIV to realize their leadership potential and increase their capacity to participate meaningfully in community life. The motivation for the development of this leadership development program grew from the need to actualize The GIPA Principle (Greater Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS) developed at The Paris Summit (1994). The program also grew from a belief that authoritarian or ―top-down‖ approaches to leadership have little currency in a world that demands innovation, creativity and supportive net-works to tackle increasingly complex social and health issues.

The approach to leadership adopted by OAN starts from the belief that ―leadership does not be-long to a small group of charismatic individuals, but rather that everyone has the capacity to be a leader in his or her own way. The program fosters a collaborative model of leadership—also known as a shared, collective or distributive model—which is grounded in shared values of individuals, the diverse actions of leaders, and their capacity to collectively act upon a shared vision.

The mission of the Institute is to:

  • Honour the leadership of the past;
  • Value the leadership here today; and,
  • Inspire leadership for our future.

The Positive Leadership Development Institute exists with the purpose of supporting people who are living with HIV/AIDS to realise their leadership potential and increase their capacity to participate meaningfully in community life by challenging HIV stigma.

he curriculum objectives for the Leadership Training are for participants to have the opportunity:

  • To understand the 5 principles and 10 commitments of leadership
  • To realise individual leadership potential
  • To participate in building a network of leaders within the HIV community
  • To realise the potential and strengths that each individual brings to the network
  • To learn about and practice leadership skills in a safe environment
  • To inspire others to become leaders
  • To encourage participants to take on facilitator and mentoring roles within the community
  • To expand participants awareness of the HIV community The impact and outcome evaluation measures include:
  • Measurable increases in resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Greater confidence to participate in community activities
  • Sustained resilience and leadership skills

PLDI is for people living with HIV by people living with HIV.


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PLDI Application Form

All persons interested in taking the training must complete and submit an application form.
IMPORTANT: Applications must be submitted to the following email address:



OAN Code of Conduct and Accountability for PLDI

Any persons submitting an application to participate in the training, indicate that they have read and agree to the Code of Conduct as well as the Financial Guidelines and the Release of Liability
“This workshop includes everyone no matter what age, gender or ethnicity – I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“Back in Level 1, I was an egg shell. Today, in Level 3, I have grown in confidence and strength. The PLDI journey has straightened the path for me to continue.”
“The process is well designed and easy to access.”
“I have learned, yet again, so much I really appreciate the opportunity every time I leave this workshop I leave reflecting on how I can better myself and others around me.”