We’ve asked OAN Board member and Gilbert Centre staff Randy Davis for an update on the Ontario leg of the Slay Stigma Tour.

“Never eat shredded wheat? Never eat salty worms? Never ever soggy waffles? Whatever mnemonic device you use for North, East, South and West summarizes the Ontario leg of the POZitivity Campaign’s Slay Stigma Canadian Drag Tour. From getting snowed out of the stop in Sudbury after a Winnipeg storm, this group of six (Trinity, Randy, Garry, Alanna, Jordan & Ken) still managed to fit in 8 Ontario shows as part of the cross country anti-stigma tour. Starting in Ottawa it was clear the rest of the shows in the province would be great. Sharing the message of Undetectable equals Untransmittable each night, Trinity K. Bonet, Garry Dart and I shared the stage with a formidable group of local talent. For many of us on the tour, Ontario cities hold a special place in our hearts. The tour shared our important message to end stigmatizing language regarding HIV, get tested and know your status, and lastly, but arguably most importantly, that folks living with HIV who take their antiretroviral medication and maintain a suppressed viral load have absolutely zero risk of transmission. What’s next for the group? Moving forward through Quebec to the east coast and carrying this message with them, it’s important to stress after the tour is over the message does not stop. HIV is the virus, Stigma is the disease!”