Breathe in…Breathe out: Supporting the supporters in client care, engagement and ending services

This learning opportunity is offered by the Ontario AIDS Network in collaboration with the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. The intent of  this learning opportunity is to help increase the support worker’s ability to initiate, maintain or end support services for clients living with HIV and to identify organizational and professional (individual) barriers and facilitators to initiating, transferring or ending support services for clients living with HIV. This blended learning opportunity will be delivered in two online sessions (pre and post workshop) and in a two day in-person workshop.



What you will need before hand:

  • Please ensure that you are in a place where you will be free from distraction.
  • A computer with an internet connection (wired connection is preferred to Wi-Fi for quality)
  • Headphones

During this session you will:

  1. Have a 20 minute meet and greet.
  2. Review course content.
  3. Review the assignment and how to upload it.

Put together 6 photos and describe a journey on one client. Do it through Google Slide Show or some hard copy format and bring it in on the first day of the workshop. Use the following questions to guide your description: How did you connect? What helped? What didn’t? How did you know you were successful or not?


OCTOBER 25, 2017

Morning Session:

  • Welcome
  • Facilitator shares story (Facilitators will be Diana Campbell and Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco of the OHTN as well as 3 support worker co-facilitators)
  • Group work – small groups share story and do teach back
  • Theme the teach backs

Afternoon Session:

  • Welcome back
  • Role play – what it takes to be a great support worker
  • Report back
  • Summarize day and talk about start time for second day

OCTOBER 26, 2017

Morning Session:

  • Welcome back
  • Discussion from partners

Afternoon Session:

  • Welcome back
  • Discussion from partners
  • Time for 3 minute presentation

Evaluation will be done after the workshop either via a written evaluation or an online evaluation.

Post-Workshop Online Session to be determined.

OHTN Facilitators

Diana Campbell
Diana Campbell is the a Manager (A) of the Evidence-based Practice Unit at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. Diana has over 10 years of KTE experience, six of which she has served in the HIV sector.  Diana has been focused on providing ASOs more effective ways to track and report the impact of their programs and services, collaborate to facilitate knowledge exchange, provide evidence necessary to create innovative programs and more fully understand key issues.

Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco
Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco, Ph.D. has been living with HIV since 1986 and his mission is to make friends, inspire and connect. He received his doctorate in Education with specialization in ethnographic qualitative research in HIV/AIDS (Simon Fraser University 1999) and he has been in the HIV movement since 1989. Francisco was the British Columbia CIHR Community-Based Research facilitator from 2003 to 2009. Today, he co-directs and manages Universities Without Walls (, a hub for e-learning for HIV research and he is the Director of Education and Training at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN). Francisco’s research focuses on rehabilitation and ageing in the context of HIV, patient engagement in research.